Fabio Baldina, pianist & composer, was born in Vercelli in 1971, he started piano studies in his youth at the Musical Institute “F.Vittadini” in Pavia, where in 1990 won a scholarship as the best student of the Institute.

Between 1988 and 1993 he studied Experimental Composition with M° Davide Anzaghi at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan where he graduated with M° Alfredo Gaudio.

Since 1992 Fabio Baldina has won several International Competitions as a concerto soloist: J. S. Bach (Sestri Levante – Genoa), Città del Barocco (Lecce), Città del Valentino (Castellaneta – Taranto), Accademia delle Muse (Camaiore – Lucca), Telethon ’95 and Amici della musica (Genoa).

Winner in 1998 to the International Competition of Stresa “Musica d’insieme”, in 2000 he performed at the “Sala Verdi” of the Conservatory in Milan where he was awarded with a special mention from the society “Pro Piano” of New York for his Mozart.

He participated in masters, in 1996 at the International Academy of Music of Piediluco (Terni) with M° Piero Rattalino, in 1997 in Florence with the American pianist Charles Rosen, great scholar of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

In 1998 he recorded his first CD for the Company Züst Ambrosetti with the Korean soprano Seo Hyun-Jung.

He is currently teaching and performing as a soloist and with Symphony Orchestras (Filarmonica of Trecate, Camerata de’ Bardi of Pavia with M° Nicolas Bisson).

His repertoire also includes works for chamber music (violin M° Andrea Taio, viola M° Marco Varisco, cello M° Francesco Bossoni, double-bass M° Massimo Clavenna) and piano e voce ensembles (soprano Yoko Noda and Daniela Stigliano, tenore Ennio Bellani, basso Matteo Mazzon).

Since 1997 he headed the Polyphonic Choir S.Stefano in Robbio (Pavia).

In 2001 he wrote a Music Dictionary and in 2003 Story of the Music, both books were edited by the the publishing house La Spiga Languages.

In 2002 he was appointed Artistic Director of the Musical Accademy in Gravellona Lomellina (Pavia) and in 2007 he was also engaged to direct the School of Music in his town, Robbio (Pavia).

Projects for the future: recorder a new CD produced by Musical Accademy in Gravellona Lomellina (Pavia), execute some Mozart’s Concertos, the realization of a Musical Fable for narrating voice and piano inspired to the famous Hansel & Gretel and a project of music and dance with the school Hdemia with the interpretation and the execution of pages that go from the classicism up to the minimalism of Philip Glass.